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Last week I shared with you that the Board of Directors of The Love Akron Network has chosen the next Executive Director to succeed me, and the good news is, this person has accepted the invitation. Our Chairman of the Board, Pastor Samuel Hampton II, will be making the big “reveal” today at noon on the Love Akron Facebook page. I’m very excited about the choice that was made, and I look forward to giving my personal response on our Facebook page on Thursday as well as in next week’s blog. You can be assured that I couldn’t be more pleased. God has truly spoken, and I’m convinced this is the right choice, and that this is the person who can take The Love Akron Network to a new level of effectiveness and impact.  

With the decision regarding my replacement comes the reality that the days of my leadership at the Love Akron helm are coming to an end.  Before long, September 24th will be here, and my almost 24 years of leadership will be in the history books.  My leadership effectiveness will be evaluated and determined by others, but for me, I will judge my leadership NOT by what I accomplished as the leader of the ministry; rather what I placed in action and what continues after I have left.  However, the true test will not be revealed on Earth but in Heaven when I stand before the great “judge of all the Earth” and give an account for my life.  The question is, will my works be viewed by God as hay, wood and stubble, or silver, gold, and precious stones?  I pray the latter. 

As I think about the next 6 months I have remaining as the Executive Director, I’m asking myself some important questions. Here are a few.  What do I need to do to “finish well?” Are there loose ends that I need to address, so there are no “hanging chads?”  If you don’t remember the presidential election of 2000, when George W Bush and Al Gore ran for the POTUS, then the “hanging chads” won’t make sense, and you’ll have to ask someone over 50.  The last question is one that I would like to address in this week’s Ford’s Focus.  I would actually like to invite you to help me answer this question. 

What are some of the questions, subjects, issues, experiences, or “whatever” you would like for me to speak to before I leave office?

I’m not sure if I will continue to blog after I leave. Each week when I look at the blank document on my computer and decide what I want to say, I always wonder if I’m saying anything that people really value.  So here’s my invitation.  Would you assist me in selecting the subject matter that I address over the next six months?  I’m not saying I’ll address every idea tossed my way, but I’ll seriously consider each one and respond accordingly.  Since I don’t tend to hear from those who follow this blog, I’m not sure if my invitation is important to those who open the Focus each week.  Be assured my ego is not going to be affected by the response or the lack thereof. 

My parting words for this week come from the book of James.  “You have not because you ask not.”  If you don’t ask, then I’ll continue to look at the blank page and fill it with words that may or may not matter.  You can leave your recommendations in the comments on the website version of the blog or email our Communications Director, Sarah, at sklingler@loveakron.org, and she’ll see I get your suggestion.  God bless.