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In Matthew 9:37, Jesus speaks to His disciples and tells them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”  Why does Jesus talk about the the laborers being few?  Were there not enough?

At that moment in time this was probably true, that there weren’t enough laborers who could proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom.  Today however, there are more than enough laborers. The challenge we face as laborers is being able to build effective, Kingdom partnerships in order to meet the needs as the Body of Christ and not merely as individual churches, para- churches, or marketplace believers.

Transparent moment:

This has been me!! I wanted to be a laborer, but I also wanted to be recognized fully for my labor. Sometimes it wasn’t always me wanting the full recognition personally, but I wanted the spotlight to shine brightly on my church, my job, my team, or whatever I was associated with. This in turn took the recognition off of the Body of Christ and most importantly, off of God.

My lessons learned from co-laboring with other individuals, churches, and nonprofits include:

  1. Many hands make light work. No one person or organization has to carry the whole load.
  2. The opportunity for different cultures and congregations to fellowship and grow together are needed and life changing.
  3. God always provides opportunities for the Holy Spirit to work through and in us all, as well as display His glory in both beautiful and tangible ways.

This has all the more impact because the world can see the Body of Christ as one and not just a few individuals.

How can we as the body live this out daily? How can our life goal be to partner for the betterment of others and for the glory of God? Let’s stand together…let’s work together in complete unison to build partnerships for the expansion of the Kingdom here on earth.

Soli Deo Gloria