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Today we welcome to The Connection Ron Kent, Ministry Director of South Akron Youth Mentorship.

What’s your favorite quote?“If there is no friendship with them and no sharing of the life of the poor, then there is no authentic commitment to liberation, because love exists only among equals.” Gustavo Gutiérrez

What’s something unique about you? I like to create music of all kinds. Less to share, and more because it brings me closer to the God I love. But I am open to sharing it if it will help somebody else get closer to God themselves.

It’s a true blessing to be able to share a few thoughts and ideas with folks who will listen. It’s an equal blessing as well to paint a picture of who SAYM is for the wonderful friends who may happen to read this. 

One of the reasons I love that quote above so much is that it reminds me so much of the person of Jesus. Jesus had to exit his place of power and become one of the people who was going to love, in order to build the relationship necessary to bridge us back to the father. He did ask us to build a plane and go searching for him. He did not toss a rope and ask us to climb. He became like his own creation so he could befriend us and give us a personal example of how to be free from the clutches of a broken world. 

When it comes to our journey into the city, suburbs, 1st world, 3rd world, marketplace or anywhere else in need of the deep love of Christ, why is it that we think we can be effective from a distance? Akron is a rare and beautiful place where many dedicated people are being highly intentional with the love they display. Even so, many of us want to go fishing. We want to cast a line into the dark places, convince people to grab on, and see if we can pull out those we love. 

South Akron Youth Mentorship, like many of the others in this city, is a special organization. Our mission is to break the bonds of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual poverty. We do this through group mentoring, individual mentoring, education initiatives and work initiatives. Our desire is to teach our kids how to use wisdom to make the best decisions possible each day in order to see them grow in strength and maturity according to God’s plan. 

At SAYM our goal is not only to invite our mentees into the Kingdom, but to dive in, walk along side, and show the way out of the struggle the same way Jesus does for us. We believe that the greatest way to learn relationship with God is to see it modeled in the context of loving relationship.

As we continue down this path, we invite you to ask us how you might: 

  • Pray for/with us
  • Give to the mission
  • Serve along side us
  • Learn more about the mission, or
  • Share what God is doing with others.

If any of that grabs your attention, please call me, Ron Kent, at 440.829.5971 or email ron.saym@gmail.com.