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306 Initiative

The 306 Initiative is focused on serving Greater Akron| Summit County youth and families. Reports from Summit County Children's Services state that in 2020, 167 children were removed from homes in the Summit County 44306 zip code. At the same time, there were only 5 foster homes registered in the 44306 zip codeThis staggering fact, compelled Love Akron to partner in a greater way in order to raise awareness regarding the need for foster and forever families. This need is prevalent in many zip codes throughout Summit County but it was this report that started the collaborative expanded work of what we call the "306 Initiative".​

  • Goals/Projected Harvest:

    • Establish Faith Community collaborations that foster and support those working to assist families whose children are the most at risk of experiencing displacement.​

    • Raise awareness regarding the need for foster and forever families in Summit County, while partnering with organizations that offer preventative solutions to help decrease the number of kids going into the foster care system.​

The Locker Room

Listening to young adults and discussing what is happening in the city of Akron and empowering them to help reduce the violence.

Safe Families

Safe Families for Children is a community-driven nonprofit organization that works to prevent child abuse and decrease the number of children being forcibly separated from their parents through foster care.

They addresses the needs of underserved children and their parents who are on the edge of crisis and at risk of foster care involvement. We seek to support parents where there may be risk of neglect because the parent does not have the support needed to meet their own needs as well as the needs of their children. 

Summit County Children Services

Together we can provide Summit County families with the support they need to create stronger, safer, and happier homes. Currently there are more than 800 children who are in need of a foster family, but only about 155 foster homes.

The Locker Room

Working with coaches and staff in Akron Public Schools to create a safe and uplifting environment for all students in the High Schools within Akron.

Refuge Host Homes

A network of Host Homes (families, married couples, and individuals) in the Greater Akron, Ohio area who open up our houses and lives to a vulnerable pregnant mother so she doesn't have to travel the journey into motherhood alone. We are committed to living life alongside a mom and her child in a practical and life-giving way.

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