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Mental Health & Wellness

Goals/Projected Harvest

  • To train 300-500 individuals from various backgrounds within Greater Akron to be Mental Health First Aid Certified, resulting in individuals being aware of the signs and symptoms of a Mental Health challenge while reducing the stigma surrounding the challenges of Mental Health.

  • To train 2 leaders in the Grief Recovery Method.  We hope to have 300 individuals complete the eight-week experience, resulting in the citizens of Greater Akron learning how to be vulnerable and strong at the same time while confronting their pain.

Grief Recovery Method

Love Akron is partnering with the Summit County ADM Board to offer the Grief Recovery Method to change the culture of mental health in Greater Akron so that those in need can receive the support they deserve.

Mental Health First Aid

Love Akron is partnering with Red Oak Behavioral Health to offer a practical 5-step strategy for responding to signs and symptoms of common mental health disorders, along with focused self-help strategies.

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