The great use of life is to spend it ​for something that will outlast it. 
​—William James

Legacy of

Love Akron was established in 1995 by Pastor Mark Ford, Pastor Knute Larson & Rev. Dr. Ron Fowler. The first event was a prayer meeting, hoping it would grow into a city-wide prayer movement, and has since been successful. With the retirement of its founding leader in April 2019 , Love Akron hired Executive Director Kemp Boyd who is committed to empowering others to make Greater Akron thrive. What this means is we want to listen together and learn together, so that we can lead together as a city and not as separate organizations.

With the help of our new executive director, Love Akron will continue to thrive and build collaborative relationships in the greater Akron area, while calling the city to transition from being a Noun to a Verb.

Rev. Mark Ford
​Faithful Leader
​1994 to 2019

Rev. Mark Announces Transition

Pastor Mark Proudly Passes 
the Mantle to Kemp Boyd

Kemp Boyd Casts Vision
at 2019 Love Akron
Annual Breakfast 

Coach Kemp Boyd
​Love Akron Leader 2019-Present