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Coaches and 180 Students through the Locker Room programs and events have impacted their communities through increased school attendance and morale and decreased violence and vandalism.  Click the video below to join the experience.

The locker room serves as a vital space where coaches strategize for success and players unite in support. It's where trust, communication, and camaraderie are fostered.

Love Akron aims to cultivate love, growth, and achievement within our community, particularly among our youth. Just as seeds require nurturing to flourish, so do the bonds we form with young individuals. 

Our sources in the Akron Public School System say that it is increasingly common for students to be involved in violent crime and gun possession. In 2021 there were 42 homicides, in which 62% of the victims were younger than 30 with six victims being teenagers. This trend is reflective of the nation where cities are seeing a 30% increase in homicides. A strong personal relationship between a teenager and a mentor is one of the most effective ways to prevent teens from falling into the cycle of crime and violence and to encourage them to develop their potential and gifts.

The Locker Room Experience aims to come alongside these youth, create personal relationships, and encourage them to see their worth and potential.

The Locker Room Experience is a partnership between Love Akron and Akron Public Schools, with the support of GAR Foundation, the City of Akron, SeibertKeck and the University of Akron.

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