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We are a Christian-based organization serving as an intersectional hub, dedicated to unifying the colors, cultures, and congregations to see Greater Akron thrive. Guided by our faith, we actively seek to influence positive change by Connecting, Convening, and Collaborating with Change-Makers to make a Collective Impact.

Why we exist...

A non-profit is the expression of a community’s will.

Love Akron is the expression of the Christian community’s will.

Once lost, now redeemed and restored, we are moved by gratitude, Imago Dei and the second greatest commandment that energized Christians for two millennia.

Love Akron sits between the community and the Church to join with other like-minded people to make Greater Akron thrive.

We are here not so much to do but to call attention to what must be done and, with our partners, mobilize the community. Families, mental health, race, and an engaged Church are our focus.

We seek unity not uniformity.

We believe that unity in our community only comes from relationships. We believe that relationships are the context from which everything is worked out from God on down.

Our goal is to highlight the need, the resources and your role and recruit you to action.


In so doing, we seek to draw others to the saving power of Jesus Christ.

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