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Grow in Partnership with Love Akron as a Church or Organization. 

Sowers (Annual Contribution $600-$1,750 year)

As a Sower, you plant the seeds of possibility and potential. Your financial contribution is like scattering seeds across fertile ground, laying the foundation for growth and prosperity. Just as a bountiful harvest begins with the careful act of sowing, your support initiates a cycle of positive change, ensuring a future where the fruits of our collective efforts flourish.

Nurturer (Annual Contribution $1,800-$2,950 year)

As a Nurturer, your financial commitment is a nurturing force, providing the essential care needed for sustained growth. Like a diligent gardener tending to each plant, your support ensures that the seeds sown in our community receive the attention and resources required to blossom into their full potential. Your dedication creates an environment where every contribution is valued, fostering a rich and vibrant landscape of shared success.

Cultivator (Annual Contribution $3,000+ year)

As a Cultivator, your financial partnership represents the commitment to ongoing cultivation and refinement. Just as a skilled farmer tends to the fields season after season, your sustained support allows us to navigate challenges, adapt to changing conditions, and continuously improve. Your investment is instrumental in creating a resilient community, where the harvest is not just abundant but also sustainable, ensuring lasting benefits for all who are part of this thriving ecosystem.

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